Striped Jumbo Amaryllis

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36-40 cm bulb

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Presenting the Striped Jumbo Amaryllis bulb, a true horticultural marvel that redefines grandeur in indoor gardening. With an awe-inspiring diameter, these bulbs are not just large; they are giants in the world of amaryllis. Each one is a promise of a spectacular floral display, a testament to the wonders of nature's capability. The immense size of these bulbs ensures a profusion of large, striking blooms, each one a showcase of vivid colors and intricate patterns. The Striped Jumbo variety is a celebration of scale and beauty, perfect for making a bold statement in any indoor space.

Imagine the sheer impact of these magnificent blooms as they unfold in your home, transforming an ordinary room into a gallery of natural art. The dramatic stripes on each petal are like strokes of a master painter, creating a visual spectacle that's both captivating and elegant. These bulbs are not just plants; they are centerpieces, commanding attention and admiration from all who see them. Plant them in a prominent spot to enjoy their majestic beauty or gift them to someone special who appreciates the extraordinary in life. The Striped Jumbo Amaryllis bulb is more than a plant—it's a celebration of scale, beauty, and the sheer joy of gardening. Secure your bulb today and prepare for an unforgettable display of floral magnificence

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